Serena's Groom Room

Dog Grooming

located in downtown Holliston, MA




As of 5/13/20, we are still waiting for the state to allow us to open. These are in anticipation of opening. We are accommodating our clients that had appts, existing clients and then new clients.  

We are working 6 days a week into the foreseeable future to try and catch up for 2 months of closure. Please be patient as we navigate through Pandemic grooming. For those that have an appointment with me and do find a sooner appointment with someone else, I totally get it. But, please, I ask that you at least have the decency to cancel in advance. Just not showing up costs money, someone else could have gotten their dog groomed, and I will not book another appointment with you without you paying for the one you missed. As a small business every appointment counts! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

😷 Masks must be worn for drop off and pick up. NO MASK = NO SERVICE.

Please potty break your pet before bringing them for a groom especially if they have been fed before they arrive. Bring your own bags for disposable if your pet needs to do their business on our lawn. There is a gray trash can around the driveway side for disposable. Don’t leave their poop or a filled bag on our lawn.

🛑 Only pets will be allowed in the building.

📞 Please call the shop 508-245-9922 or text my phone when you arrive. I am staggering drop-off times so people do not have to wait long to drop off their dog. There is a whole new setup outside. I will meet you outside, only 1 person per dog. You will enter the first fenced pen. Be sure that the gate is closed. Please remove the collar, leash, flea collar, sweaters. There should be nothing on your dog when I take them in. Forward your pet into the 2nd pen. Do not leave your pet unattended. And, please do not try to hand me a dog. I will put my own lead on your dog and take them into the shop.

⏰ You MUST be on time or your appointment will be rescheduled. After 5 mins, If you are late and your appointment has to be rescheduled, a NO SHOW fee of 1/2 the price of groom must be paid before booking. Absolutely no exceptions.

📣 One of my favorite things about my business is the conversations that we all have ! But for now, I have to keep them at a minimum so I can stay on schedule. We should text or talk on the phone in advance of your pet’s appointment. If your pet has an underlying medical condition, I need to know in advance of the appointment to determine whether or not your pet can safely be groomed. This includes recent surgery that has happened or coming up.

✈️ In the last 14 days, If you or anyone in your household has traveled or has been sick PLEASE let me know. We will need to reschedule.

✂️ Because most dogs are way off their grooming schedule, there a good chance he/she is getting a much shorter clip. We will not do any de-matting at this time. We can start fresh at his/her next appointment. It’s crazy tick season and the warm weather is coming. Your pet will thank you!

💰 At this time only EXACT cash or check will be accepted. No change will be given. Nothing new here except we are not making change. I will let you know the price when I contact you for pick up. There is a mailbox and baggies hanging in the 1st pen. Please deposit payment in the mailbox. You will be given a specific time to pick up your dog. Please be on time or there will be a $5 charge per every 10 minutes that you are late.