Serena's Groom Room

Dog Grooming

The Bad News:

My shop is going to be closed as of Monday September 28th while I recover from spinal fusion surgery.

The Good News:

To provide continuity of care for our clients, Kelly, our other groomer is going to handle all our clients at a great new shop in Medway called the Main Groomer. If you are willing to travel the extra 10 minutes over to Rt 109 , please contact that shop directly at (508) 254-0494 and just tell them you are a Serena’s Groom Room client and would like to book with Kelly. She’ll be there starting 9/29, Tues thru Sat by appointment, same as we work here. It’s brand new shop, not far from the Shaw’s Plaza. They are a fear free grooming certified facility, have wonderful products from a local favorite Molly’s Apothecary, and all the products that we usually use to groom your dog. Please do not leave messages on my voicemail or text me regarding grooming appointments, that should be done directly with the @Main Groomer.

Thank you and hope to see you soon! Serena🥰